Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time in A Bottle?

Anyone have it for sale? I seem to need it because I can't find time to get on here and blog! That's not good, I know I don't have a lot of readers but it feels good to get here and write. So I'll make this another Update on everything going on in life lol and hopefully soon I'll get back to posting several times a week.

Let's see since my last entry, we are slowly unpacking the boxes that are stacked in the garage. It's been quite slow because about 2 weeks ago or so I hurt my back somehow. I couldn't bend over to put on shoes or socks! It was crazy insane, and I went to the Dr and the idiot didn't give me any pain meds! She gave me some steroids and muscle relaxers and set an appt for evaluation and treatment at a spine care place. I was in soo much pain that night we called the Dr and she's like tough to bad, call during business hours and hung up on my husband! OMG I was pissed and he called the next day and got my pain meds and the appt moved up for Physical Therapy. I couldn't believe what a biotch she was being, it's not like I am there every week for pain and have a history of using pain meds. Geesh louise, get a grip and do your job lady! What the difference in calling in something for me at 10 pm Monday night and 10 am Tues morning I do not know or understand. So I am on the hunt for a new doctor needless to say!

So I have been going to Physical Therapy several times a week and have an appt tomorrow and then two more next week. They seemed to help a lot since they do some laser treatment, then heat/electric treatment and some exercise/stretches for my lower back. Luckily the insurance pays 100% up to 20 visits in a calendar yr. I finally drove today for the first time in 2 weeks, and it wasn't to bad. My back still hurts but I can function now and haven't taken a pain pill but last night in the last couple days. I hope that I am on the mend from whatever I did!

Business wise things are going well, Tupperware and DiamondCreek Candles are picking up for the holiday season. I have placed an order today for myself and for a customer with Tupperware and hope that the lady I take a catalog to next week orders as well. I am focused more on team building with DiamondCreek Candles right now and it's going pretty well. I am working with my team so they can build as well.

I am sure I have more news to share but I'll save that for another post, ya know so it makes me look like I am posting more! Have a great Thursday!

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