Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Pumpkin Patch Trip

We took our annual trip to Tate Farms "Pumpkin Patch" earlier this month, and yes I am just getting around to uploading pictures. It's been a busy month you know, moving, exterminating rodents and other stuff LOL

Here is a few pictures from the trip below, the girls always love it and I just wish it was cheaper lol.

Hailey and Jess standing beside the barn/slide/playhouse

Picking out their pumpkins

Old Firetruck and Playing in the Cotton Bin
Jess and Hailey jumping out of the barn into a huge pile of hay. I was really surprised that Hailey did this....though she only did it once! lol I took tons more pictures but only chose a few to show off today, they played in the corn cribs, visited the petting zoo and went into the hay maze. I did too which I will never do again! It's not made for adults lol at least not those with knee or back problems or that aren't skinny!
We had a good day and the girls keep talking about going back....and of course I say we can! Next yr!


Alexandria said...

Awesome pictures! Wasn't last year so cold you guys were in winter coats? *grins*

Ambitious Blonde said...

Haha yes it was! lol It's quite funny you never know what the weather is going to be like!!!

Dana said...

That looks like a fun place! Where is it located?

Ambitious Blonde said...

It's in Meredianville, Alabama :) It is alot of fun! We go every year and the girls just love it.