Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Potty Training Adventures

Well I needed to add a bragging post in here about Hailey. She is 3 yrs and 9 months old so yes she's essentially 3 months (almost to the day 3/4 is her bday) of turning 4 and we have been struggling with Potty Training.

Well a couple days ago, on Nov 30 she decided she needed to go potty. So we went with it and she managed to stay dry all day and not one time had an accident. She went to bed and wok eup dry yesterday morning. I tried to get her to go potty but she said she didn't have to go, so I figured ok. Well she had breakfast and a whole glass of milk but unfortunately she did wet her diaper. I didn't' fuss, just told her it was ok and got a new one and told her the rest of the day she needed to go potty. No problem, she stayed dry ALL day yesterday and woke up dry this morning. Whhoohooo! So a few mins after she got up I had her go and she did and we've been dry all day today as well. So day 3 and only 1 accident, I am silently saying a prayer that it's finally clicked!

I was going to wait til Jan to really start trying to get her going consistently due to our trip to Disney later this month. However since she's doing so well, I am not going to tell her no and say let's wait. I hope that soon our diaper days will be behind us!

Wish us luck!


Alexandria said...

YAY!! How exciting :D Um ... but change this would ya : "Well a couple days ago, on Dec 31 she decided she needed to go potty" lol it's not Dec 31st yet :P

Ambitious Blonde said...

BWAHHHAAAH I meant Nov!! lol leave me alone I was tired! hehe I'll fix!