Friday, August 21, 2009

School, Jobs & Life

School is underway for the girls, so far so good. Hailey likes her teacher and school and loves to come home and tell me what they did for the day. Since starting school though she has been much more loveable and cuddly and tells me she wants to stay with me forever. Awww, sweet, really, but we both know that can not happen. In fact I don't know what she'll do if I do go back to work full time since she would have to be in some type of care full time. This is the part that kills me about working full time. She only has 1 more year left at home and I was really hoping to enjoy it with her before she goes off to Kindergarten.

Jess is still doing well, no complaints as of yet. She doesn't seem to be having trouble with homework yet and she likes her teacher. She is going to be a Junior Scout this year and somehow I have roped myself into being a troop leader for her. Hmm what was I thinking? I do have two moms who have agreed to be asst. leaders so that will help but I worry about the time commitment, especially if I go to work. It'll work out somehow, but probably not the way I want it too.

In the last few weeks I have probably applied to 30 jobs or so and am continually looking online to see what I can find. I need to go up to Gymboree and turn in an application there. I have a friend that works there and I believe they are hiring. Maybe I'll go up there later today or Sat morning. I applied for a job at Regions Bank, as a full time teller. I took the assessment test at the main office and passed. I am not just waiting to hear back, they of course are doing a background/credit check. I wish I knew a timeline they might contact me back so I would have an idea one way or the other, but I do not.

I really do not want to work, but we really need to get caught up on bills and put some into savings. I like being home and able to volunteer and do things with the kids, like help at school, do Girl Scouts etc. I guess only time will tell how this is going to work out.

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