Monday, November 16, 2009

Get Over it Already!

Let me start by staying this is a vent and if you don't want to read it, then skip it.

Get Over It! That's what I want to say to some people right now. Point blank, I am busy, I am tired, I am pregnant and can't get to every single thing YOU want me to do right when YOU want it done. I wait on people ALL the time to do stuff and hope it gets done, but the one time I am not ready, everyone wants to have a conniption fit. Get OVER it already. It'll get done, but in case anyone forgets, I work Mon-Fri, and not able to get online until after 3pm if then and sometimes not until after dinner and still have to help with homework, do Girl Scout stuff and try to figure out dinner as well, give me a break OK?!

I have a zillion emails I need to answer, girl scout meetings to plan, try to attend an event once a month, get ready for visitors for Thanksgiving and there just isn't enough time. I need to get Christmas lists together for family who is asking about things for the girls, I need to start Christmas shopping for the girls, and well there is a ton of other things I need to do but they'll have to wait.

Since I started working, my 'friendships' have become non existent, and I feel pretty out of the loop and often left out. I thought I would be in control when I started working but I have fallen down on so many levels. I rarely see my friends and when I do, I don't feel connected to them anymore. Sigh, table for pity party of 1 please.

On a brighter note, dh and I went on a date night this past Friday night. We went to the Melting Pot for dinner and it was devine. We skipped the main course, had cheese fondue, salad and dessert and it was the perfect amount of food. I can't wait to go back! We did manage to get a little Christmas shopping done for the girls but came home a littler early because I was so tired. Saturday we all went up to Monte Sano for a picnic and playtime, the weather has been gorgeous, so we took advantage of it.

Vent over and now I hope the rest of my day doesn't drive me insane.


Anonymous said...

Omg!! You're pregnant?? Where the hell have I been? CONGRATS!!!!! Oh that is the most exciting news in the entire world. Seriously. I am like beaming with happiness for you!!!!

As for the rest; lol tell them all to piss off. ;)

Sending you happy vibes! I miss chatting with you :(

Ambitious Blonde said...

Aww thanks sweetie! I am sorry I am so behind on responding, I didn't get notice that I had a comment, sigh...dumb blogger lol.

I miss you!! I hope all is going well!