Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Rain

Well not really.....yet. However I am sure the rain is coming soon enough, because the weeks and weeks of rain we had was not enough. I was beginning to think we had relocated to Seattle. :)

October has come and gone and it went by pretty fast, though for the most part I was sick and not feeling well. I managed to work as much as I could but still am not sure what I am going to do as far as staying or dropping down some days. I am so exhausted now, even at 12 weeks, I just don't know that I can continue working 5 days, keep up with meetup (which I am way behind on) and continue doing Girl Scouts as well. I need some sanity and it doesn't seem to be anywhere.

The girls had a good Halloween, J was a vampiress and H a cute witch. Our neighborhood doesn't seem to do the candy thing, maybe the lack of kids, so we went to one down the street. We only went on the outer road around it and it took 2 hours and they came back with loaded bags of candy! Needless to say they were excited. We tried to go downtown earlier in the day for some event that was "supposed" to be fun, but we were not impressed and left after about 10 mins. It took longer to get there and back than they had stuff to do. Two thumbs down from us.

This past Monday I had my 12 week checkup at the doctor. I had been worried since the couple weeks before when I had to go to L&D and be put on bedrest for a week. However the dr was able to find the heartbeat, it was around 155. She also is putting me on some blood pressure pills since it seems to be high every time I go in. Sigh, I need to find a new family dr too, but our insurance changes in Jan, so I am worried about finding one. I go back in 4 weeks, I'll be at 16 weeks then, and then in another 4, I'll be able to get my next "big" ultrasound! :)

Other than that I have just been battling a head cold for about a week now. Having issues sleeping since I can't breathe well and even during the day hasn't been great. I have been going to bed at 9 pretty much every night this week, which has helped but I hate going to bed so early, because that is the time I use to get caught up. What's another week, when you are already 2 weeks behind anyway?

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