Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Wishing you a Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at home, the four of us plus my dad and my father in law. Surprisingly it went off without a hitch! Had alot of yummy foods, made my first sweet potato casserole, it was not to bad. The girls had a nice time visiting with their two grandpas. Today we are heading over to my sister in laws for our next turkey dinner, ummm can we say turkey overload?! Though I think they will have ham too, so maybe I'll have some of that instead....oh who am I am kidding, I love turkey.

I just can't believe we are already at the end of November and Christmas will be here in less than a month. A month? um hello, I have way to much shopping and prep work to do for that to happen! The good thing about it though is my mom, sister and stepdad will be here for Christmas. So excited, it's been a year and half since we last saw in them in Hawaii. It'll be nice to spend the holiday with them.

Baby update, things seem to be going ok at this point. Morning sickness still comes and goes, which has worn out its welcome, but I am surviving. I'll be 16 weeks on Monday, and go back to the dr then. I am hoping they will schedule my 20 week appt and ultrasound as well, and just maybe we'll be able to find out what gender this little bean is. :) Though knowing our luck in the past, they will not be able to tell.....ugh. I thought it would be a nice Christmas surprise to tell our families, so we'll see. Just about everyone knows now I am pregnant, though I still have a few friends who do not know, because I haven't seen them yet.

On the work front, it's going ok. I am getting more and more tired already...I thought the second trimester was the energy one??? I am missing that lol. I did tell them though I wanted to drop to two days a week as soon as possible. I am so behind on things I really need to cut back so I can get caught up, both playgroup and girl scout wise.

Not much else to report here, just busy getting ready for Christmas already. The tree is up and decorated as well as the stockings and a few indoor decorations. I want to do some outside stuff, but we'll see if I can get hubby to agree!

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