Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Fall!

Finally, the weather has cooled off, the leaves are changing and it's been chilly in the mornings. I LOVE this weather! Now if only I could find somewhere in the US that had this weather 365 I would so move there. :)

It's hard to believe it's already October and tomorrow Kaitlyn turns 5 months old. Music screeching to a halt. What?? 5 Months already? How does that happen? Sigh, my baby is growing up so fast and changing before my eyes. This time around seems harder to digest it, maybe because she's my last?

October to me is also the kick off for the holiday season. It seems once October rolls around the year just flies by, seriously.  We have fall break this month, then Halloween, next thing you know it's November and Turkey Day! We all know what happens when Turkey Day arrives, it's crazy insane shopping getting ready for Christmas time. Oh how I love it though, I love the sales, the bustle of the season, spending time with family and friends near and far. :)

There is no better way to end or begin a year in my opinion. Family and friends, it's what life is about these days isn't it? I know for me it is, as Kaitlyn's birth defect put a lot into perspective for me.  I am cutting out the negative in life and trying to move forward and only look at the positive and be around positive people. 

Speaking of Christmas, did you know there are only 78 days until Christmas! I know, I know, but seriously I need to start making lists for the kids, start shopping and thinking about where we'll be for the holidays. :) Have you started shopping? I am sure some of you are finished, I am jealous, but life threw us a curve ball this year so we're still trying to get our feet under us again. :)


d e v a n said...

Love the new look!
I'm done with the kids, except for stockings. I still need to buy for others, but have my lists made! I love Fall too!!!

Mommy Attorney said...

I agree that the year fast forwards once we're in October. I haven't started shopping, but I'm making progress on lists! It's better than nothing!

Jill said...

LOL!! You just got me SO EXCITED for Christmas! I love this time of year as well. So pumped for the Holidays and all that comes with them.

Ambitious Blonde said...

@ Devan- you're always on top of things! I am so jealous :)

@ M.A.- I haven't even started lists and I have people asking, so I need to get on it!!

@ Jill- I am excited for Christmas to, seeing K open her 1st presents and just enjoying being with the family!:)