Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time, Parties, & Storms

I am not sure where all my time is going these days. I have good intentions to sit down and blog but yet I can't really seem to find the time.  I've been pretty busy lately with a variety of things, helping plan a Founder's Day Celebration with Girl Scouts, helping plan HMMT's annual Halloween carnival, Girl Scouts in general and life. So in between all that I should find time to blog, um right.  That doesn't seem to be happening.  I was hoping that since these two big things are out of the way I would have some more time, but in my case I think I will be just as busy with other events and such.  I'll manage, I always do, I'll just be tired as normal lol.

The Founder's Day celebration was this past Friday. Overall it went well, all 5 of my girls attended and participated.  They learned more about the Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low and received some badges/pins they had earned. Then that Saturday morning was HMMT's Halloween Carnival and it was fun.  The girls had fun playing games and then helping run some games too. They both said they wanted to do that again next year. :) The highlight was seeing all the cute kiddos in their costumes.  Now we're on to planning our holiday events!

Oh and FYI Girl Scout Cookie season will be starting soon!!! :) So don't forget to look me up when you're ready to order!

Finally the last part of my subject, storms.  Boy have we had some storms around here today.  Kids were released early due to impending severe weather and today is one I am glad they did.  We had multiple spottings of tornadoes throughout Huntsville and Madison plus a couple of confirmed touchdowns. We took cover more than once during the 4 hour span. Thankfully they all seem to have passed us now without any damage in our direct area. I worry about my mom and sister since the storms are heading there way! We are hoping they fizzle out before they reach them. 

Some pictures from the weekend to enjoy!

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