Monday, January 17, 2011

Wanted: Vacation

Oh my, today has been a day.  K was nonstop fussy, crying, yelling and me The only time she wasn't, was when she was sleeping, which wasn't much.  She woke up at 4 am was up til 7 am, slept til 8 am and then it was downhill from there.  The two big kids aggravated me today, they need school. I need school. We all need school. What am I going to do this summer? Oh wait, I know.  Summer means nicer weather, can go outside and run them ragged and hope they laze around the rest of the day.  Plus then I will get to escape to work, sad when work is an escape? Nah.  Well OK maybe a little.

I really really need a vacation.  I love my family, I love them I really really do but I need a break. We have had to much togetherness since school ended for winter break in Dec.  The kids only went back to school for 4 days after that before snowmaggedon hit. They have been home for 10 days straight now, I've not been anywhere except work and am desperately  looking forward to moms night out this weekend.  I am glad I am off Sat night so I get to go.  That's the downfall to the job lol have to work nights and weekends, but we need the money so we'll make it work.

I am dreaming of sandy beaches, warm sun beating down and nice fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.  Ahhh, how nice that would be.  I hope I have enough money left after some bills are paid (when we get our taxes) to actually take some kind of trip. I need to start researching and see what I can afford, even if I have to go by myself!

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