Monday, April 9, 2012


So you know when you and your special other first met, you went out on dates, had fun times and enjoyed spending time together, heck you even had something to talk about! Those days seem far and few between now that we're married (maybe you feel that way to?) but we're determined to get back to dating, each other ;) So now that K is older and a little easier to leave we've got my SIL to come watch the girls for us, two months in a row! Yep I am bragging lol, says the girl who hadn't been on a date with her hubby in over 2 years! It was so easy when it was the 2 older girls, I could get my dad to come hang out with them for a few hours, but his health isn't great enough to take care of a very active almost 2 year old, so it's been put on hold.

So I mentioned in a blog posts back in Feb. that what I really wanted for Valentine's Day was to go out on a date without me having to plan it.  I don't know if hubby read my blog (which I don't even think he knows the link) or someone told him or he just finally took a hint, but it happened! We only did dinner and shopping, but it was nice.  Our last date night was just a little over a week ago, dinner and a movie and shopping, yes it was bliss! We went to see The Hunger Games, though a late showing, it was great! I wasn't sure if hubby would be to into it, but he enjoyed it, there was enough action to keep his interest lol. I had already read the book so I was kind of disappointed in a few changes, but overall I felt it was true to the book.

Though dates are awesome, I forget how pricey they can be! Our dinner/movie night cost us about $70, ouch and that didn't include the shopping, but that was for the girls Easter items. It's quite sad when the 2 drinks & 1 popcorn cost more than 2 movie tickets.... I mean really!? So we'll definitely scale back our next date night and I am on the hunt for great Groupon and Living Social deals, so maybe we'll find our next adventure there! I am gearing up for our 12th Anniversary date in May, maybe we'll take an overnight trip but only if I can get a deal, hence the stalking of Groupon and LS lol.

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The Workman Family said...

Good for you! LS travel has some good deals to the mountains sometimes, good luck snagging one!