Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spina Bifida Bowl-A-Thon

This past weekend was our local SB Bowl-A-Thon and as you know I've been working on raising money, $250.00 to be exact the last few months, but really pushed the last few days. :) Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who donated because when I got home from the bowl-a-thon, I was at my goal! WOOT! While that amount isn't as large as some other teams, we still came in 5th in fundraising :) So thank you thank you thank you to those donors!

We had a blast at the bowl-a-thon, our team, Kaitlyn's Kingpins, had the highest team score, 632 and that was with K bowling hehe, she actually was the 2nd highest score on our team lol what can I say the kid has skills! :) We won 5 g.c. for pizza and 5 g.c. for 5 free 19 hole putt putt games, so a good family day soon for us.  There was tons of items for their silent auction, we didn't bid on any, since we didn't have any extra money but they had some cool things. Plus they had lots of raffle items.  Each team got 1 ticket per member, so we started with 5.  If you bowled a strike you got another ticket, my dear sweet husband, who hasn't bowled in years bowled a 232, so about 9 strikes, plus I had 3.  We did end up winning (well H) an Avon basket, so I am still waiting to go through our goodies.

The local semi-pro football team, The Huntsville Rockets, came out to support the bowl-a-thon as well. They weren't able to stay the whole time, since they had a game, but it was great seeing them out there. There were many sponsors and we really enjoyed our time there, can't wait for next year.

K got to try out an Ambucs Tryke and it's so cool. They are made for special needs kids, who can't ride traditional bikes, this one has handlebars that pedal the bike along with the normal pedals. So it's great because it works the good and weaker muscles. We filled out some paperwork, to get the process started, we're hoping we can get some assistance because it cost $400 to $800 or so depending on the type.  That part I am worried about, but I really want to give K a "typical" childhood and want her to ride a bike, so we'll do what we have to do to make it happen.

Ambucs Tryke Demo

Having fun at the Spina Bifida Bowl-A-Thon

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