Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy and Random

We've been quite busy the last week, we went to my sisters graduation from University of South Carolina the 1st weekend of May, it was great to see her walk across the stage.  While it was a long drive 9.5 there and then back out of a 3 day weekend, we really enjoyed our time there. My mom even got to go, so that was even better. :) Here is a pic of my sister and I (not a great pic of me though).

She is so excited to be done with college (at least for now) and already has a job in NC where she moved to. Ah my sister is all grown up now. We are 12 yrs apart so I watched her grow up into the young lady she is today. Bittersweet!

Kaitlyn celebrated her 2nd birthday Tuesday of this past week, and I am a complete failure as a mom, because I don't think I took any pictures of her except 1 and that was with my phone. UGH.  We were supposed to have her party this past Saturday but the weather was quite iffy and so we rescheduled (and of course it did not really rain until late that day) until this coming Sunday.  It'll probably be 100 degrees and feel like we're dying of heat exhaustion but that's better than stormy weather right? lol

2 Years Old
Last week I made a recipe from Pinterest, Mexican Chicken Ring and it was YUMMY! Here is my version:

We all really enjoyed it, all 3 kids, ate it without a fuss and we really didn't have any left overs. This was enough to feed 5 of us, about 2 servings each, so if you have more people in the family or big eaters, you'll need more than 1. We served it with salad. :)  Next time I am going to leave out the tortilla chips, didn't really think it added much flavor.

Last week we also had an appointment for K for a consult for new braces. We were stuck in between what our PT here was saying and what the doctors down at UAB were saying, both totally different. What is a person to do, ask the brace guy! He was able to make everyone happy! We are getting braces that can be solid (not movable) or hinged (movable) by them having a strap that tightens to allow either way.  YAY. So I can't wait to get them and see them on her so we can see what is best. 

And finally yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a low key thing for us. I worked that morning, spent some time with my mom in the afternoon and came home to a clean house courtesy of hubby and the kids. Then we grilled out hamburgers for dinner in between pop up tornado warnings lol (not really for us but close by) but all in all it was a great day.

How's that for random?

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