Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catch Up

I set a new record lol I blogged 6 times in April ;) that's pretty impressive, eh? lol Alright moving on, we've been busy since my last blog, so today is catch up. We're still kicking butt with softball games, not that either girls team is winning a lot, but they are out there and play hard, 3 times a week. J had volleyball tryouts last week at school and made the team! WOOT! We're all excited for her. :) I had to get a tooth surgically removed last Thursday, so I've been out of commission a bit this past week but now am doing pretty good, just a little pain left.  We went to a super fun birthday party this past weekend and now we're back to softball and school fun.

Speaking of school, there are only 17 days of school left! Oh my, this year has flown by. Next year I will have a 7th grader and a 2nd does that happen? I only have 3 years left before K goes off to school. ARGH! Other school news, my sister is graduating this weekend, University of South Carolina, and we're going to watch/celebrate with her. So proud of her, it's been a long road with lots of changes, but she's did it :)

K is doing well with speech and physical therapy, we're ready to get her new AFO's, but her consult isn't until the 10th, so still a little ways off. I am trying to figure out to budget in some outpatient pt for her, but our insurance only pays a percentage of the cost and she has to have an evaluation for that too. sigh.

Summer is coming and we've got no big plans, just some day trips, lots of playdates and anything cheap! :) Anyone going on a fun vacation?

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