Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eat, Live & Breathe

Girl Scout Cookies!

My life and weekends for the next month and half will be nothing but Girl Scout cookie related.  Not to mention daily sales/delivery as well. I love Girl Scout Cookies, I do, but it also a stressful thing.  Always rushing around, trying to make sure everyone gets their cookies and in a decent time, collect money, turn in money, go to cookie booth, every weekend, sell, sell, sell. 

Other than cookies, everything else in life seems to be going wrong or trying too! Where to start, oh yes, my husbands car.  Died last week on Thurs no less, the day we had all the sleet/ice/rain/snow weather.  We had to get it towed, yay another bill.  :/ Waited a few days to find out it was not the starter but some kind of parking switch, electrical. So $241 later, we have his car back, but it took some reworking of the budget to get that paid.

Then our wonderful utility bill came in a few days ago too, and while it has been cold, I knew the bill would go up but I didn't think it would come to over $100 more.  :/ ARGH! We do need a new a/c unit, but that cost is way, way more than we can afford right now.  So we'll start saving for that, it'll take some time, especially since we have so many medical bills to pay.  Just trying to take it one day at a time.

So in the mean time I've been trying to sell all the old baby clothes that K has outgrown, most of them are from when H was a baby.  Going through extra toys we don't need, we seriously have TOO many.  I need to get back to making items and selling too but that's not on my immediate to do list.

How about some good news now? H participated in the school spelling bee a week or so ago, she came in second place in her class! Pretty awesome since she didn't study the words like she should have.  She did advance to the school spelling bee but didn't win, she said she got about halfway through though.  So I am proud, but I did tell her she could have done better had she studied like she was supposed to.  Maybe next year!

See I can do weekly blogging ;)

Have a great day! 

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