Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year & Goals

We are at the beginning of a New Year and I have been thinking about some goals I want to achieve this year.  So in no particular order here are my top 12:

1. blog more
2. spend more time with kids
3. spend more time with hubby
4. spend LESS time on the computer, which leads to 2 and 3
5. spend more time with friends
6. purge the house of junk and clutter
7. replace living room carpet
8. pay more medical bills off
9. save money
10. save for disney 2014
11. be more efficient with girl scout related activities
12. lose weight and get in better shape 

I know some of them I will fail at or I will get half way but as long as I continue working on them, I'll be happy!

So some random thoughts for the week (hey maybe I can blog weekly?):

*We had a great Christmas, we scaled back but the girls still thought they got a lot, most of it due to the amount of $ we saved.

*Glad school started back! The kids were ready to go back even with all their cool things from Christmas.

*My sister spent Christmas week with us, it was a nice visit.

*The girls got their report cards this week, all A's. :)

*K is growing like a weed, think she had a growth spurt over the holidays! 

*Hubby and I spent a kid free weekend together this past weekend, it was bliss! I need that more often LOL :)

*Kid 3 is being whiny right now, so this concludes today's post ;)


Tracy said...

K looks so big!

Mommy Attorney said...

Good goals! And ditto Tracy!