Sunday, January 21, 2007

Attention Whores

You know the ones I am mean, the people who will do anything for attention. It's amazing to me the lengths that people will go to, to do harm to others and/or talk bad about them. It truly makes me realize how lonely and insecure they really are.

Alot of the people I am talking about are sahms/wahms because I see how catty and rude they can be on message boards I used to frequent. I would think that these ladies would have more to worry about than bringing others down. So many of them have home businesses and of course children/husbands, but yet rather than spending their time and energy towards that they waste it away belittling others.

These ladies get their kicks from making others feel bad, from jumping on bandwagons of others. There is one yahoo group in particular that truly makes no sense to me, but if you are in for sitting around with henpecking ladies, join them. Rather than work their business and try to be successful they sit and try to bring others down. The purpose of this group is supposed to be to give/get info about other reps, however it turns into a bashing fest of the person or a company. God forbid that person sticks up from themselves or someone from the company that is getting bashed comes in to stick up for them. Then the ladies turn on that person and bash them for being in the company etc.

Well you know the saying, birds of a feather? That truly fits the ladies in those groups.

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