Monday, January 15, 2007

Traditional Mom

I am by defintion a traditional mom. I bottlefeed, use disposable diapers, spank if needed, my kids sleep in their own rooms in their own beds and I use Cry It Out. Does this make me a bad mom? Hell no, it makes me a confident mom who does what is right for her family.

I have no beef with those who want to follow attachment parenting because that is what works for them. I do have beef with those who try to tell me I am a bad mother or look down on me because I do the things of a traditional mom.

I think that positive reinforcement is great when its used in the right situation. IMO kids don't just learn from that, they learn from discipline ( and I don't mean spanking) I mean taking care of the situation. Time outs, spanking whatever it is but you must be consistent.

I have seen many times where 2 kids are playing and kid number 1 takes a toy away or hits kid number 2. Mom of Kid 1 comes over, that's not nice, lets not do that and walks off. Kids resume playing and or fighting again.

How would I handle that situation? I would remove my child from the situation, give timeout and explain why. If you continue to let them play its basically sending a signal that there is no consequences for their actions. If you don't teach them this young they will continue to do so as they grow older and the harder it will be for you the parent.

I love watching SuperNanny, she really tells the parents like it is. I watch that show and can tell you the number one reason they call for they don't discipline their kids or teach their kids consequences for their actions.

Just some food for thought.

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