Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sleep who needs it?

Um well apparently I do not as the case may be. I haven't slept for the last two nights, not sure why other than maybe stress. Stress causes so many issues and not sleeping is a big one.

I believe in the last two days I have slept maybe 7 hours total if I am lucky. Last night was great, up til 4 am and slept maybe peacefully til 6, then it was toss and turn til 8. I should have just gotten up at 6, but who am I kidding I don't get out of bed that early anymore.

Don't you hate when you can't sleep, but you really can't justify getting out of bed to do anything for fear you will wake everyone else up? Yes that's what happens when you live in a small container of a house. Everyone's vision of small is different, some say 2000 sq ft is small, other's like me believe that 1000 sq ft is small.

So as my child naps you think I could be sleeping right? Well I could, but then I wouldn't sleep tonight so I am forcing myself to stay awake and push thru the day. It's not easy though with my bedroom just steps away with a nice inviting cozy bed. Not only that but as soon as I think about laying my head down my child will wake from her nap. See the thought of it just now, made her cry out, so if I type really quietly maybe she will go back to sleep.....

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