Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy October!

The fall season is approaching and the temperatures are dropping! Finally after 30 straight days of over 100 temps in August I am looking forward to nice cool fall weather. I can't even imagine being in places like Hawaii (where my mom is) and not having any seasons except for Summer. Yes I know Hawaii, how cool but a Christmas that's not cool atleast? I don't think I would like that very much and would have to come back over and spend the holiday season.
I love Fall, the leaves change and the weather is more enjoyable. It's a great time to take the kids out to play at the local parks, to bike ride or just to hang out in the back yard. Plus we get to bring out all the fall decor and Halloween decor for those who celebrate. I haven't really decorated in a few years but I would like to some nice fall decor as opposed to Halloween items.
This year Jessica has decided to be Hannah Montana for Halloween, now I could have come up with this costume myself hehe since it's just a shirt/skirt and belt BUT the belt does say Hannah Montana. Oy! So glad the costume was on sale! Hailey is either going to be Jasmine or Ariel, but I am leaning towards Jasmine since it'll be easier to walk in. We got them both 2 costumes each and the other will go up til Christmas time. They both love to dress up and what better time to buy than at Halloween? Party City had a great deal on some for 50% off, so we got them at $9.99 each! For Disney costumes NOT bad!
Jessica is feeling a bit under the weather today, running a temp of 102.6 and complaining of a sore throat and head hurting. I am hoping it's not strep and she'll be able to return to school tomorrow but if her fever stays up, she'll be visiting our great pediatrician instead.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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Alexandria said...

I love Fall ... hate winter though. It's disgusting. I like the colours, the smells, the warm but not suffocating sweaters ...