Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost Birthday Time

It's almost Jessica's 9th birthday! Wow, talk about feeling old now lol seems like just yesterday she was just learning to walk. I feel kinda like an awful mom right now, I was sick last week with headache after headache and didn't realize her birthday was this upcoming weekend. I thought I still had atleast 2 weeks left, umm wow I was wrong! She really wanted to have a sleep over for her birthday with some friends from school and brownies, but oops, not enough time for that now. So instead she asked to go bowling and to dinner, so that is what we'll do as a family. I wanted to take her to the cool new place, The Station, but it's $6 a game plus $4 shoe rental, um hello! I think we'll go to Madison Bowling Center, it's half the cost and maybe will not be as busy. One can hope anyways.

Last weekend we went school supply shopping, and even though it was quite a list I only spent $32 on Jessica's stuff. Not bad! I did buy Hailey a book bag and a lunch bag to match, I am guessing that is all she'll need. Walmart school supply section sucks this year, they didn't have much of anything and it was spread out all over the store? Why? Why is there pallets of paper in the craft/fabric section?

We're wrapping up the last few days of summer, getting in as many playdates as we can and spending time together. We have orientations next week and then school the following week, yay! Though Hailey may not get to start on time if we can't get her, her 4 yr old shots. They put us on a wait list, maybe we'll get called before school starts....but I am not holding my breath.

I am still hoping to hear back from the job I applied for sometime this week, could really use the money soon. I am looking at other options as well, but really don't want to go full time, but I guess if I find the "right" job I would. Keeping my fingers crossed I hear back from the one I want right now!

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