Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We're off to the Dentist, the wonderful Dentist of....

Madison LOL. :) Jess is going back to the dentist today for 2 cavities to be filled they are very small and they only noticed them on the x-rays, so that's good. Last week we went in because she had been complaining about a tooth and her gum hurting her and she had this little tag of skin hanging down, looked as if it had bled some. I think because she kept messing with it. Either way they didn't seem overly concerned since the tooth itself was fine, and it doesn't look to be abscessed. Good news! However they are keeping an eye on it and we go into today they'll recheck it to see if they need to take it off.

The doctor mentioned something about not numbing her when they do the fillings.....eek! I said she has a low tolerance for pain, she'll likely need to be numbed. I don't want her to be afraid of going back in life. They also mentioned she'll probably get braces at 12, she's got some issues with crowding already with the permanent teeth that have come in. Fun times, can't wait... um right.

Hailey's teeth looked great, on the x-ray it did show one of her perm teeth coming in a little crooked on the bottom, but he said it could straighten out. Fingers crossed! They just opened their new office not to long ago, it's pretty nice. They have an indoor play area, like at food places, some big screen tv's, video games etc. Kids love going just for that LOL

On the weight loss front, I am down another 3.5lbs, for a total of 9lbs now. :) I am proud of that, and hope it continues. I talked to my mom yesterday, she may be having surgery for some bone spurs in her feet. She has an appt with the foot dr today. So I'll know more soon. Other news though, is she has some places on her hands, that is looking very much like the skin cancer she had on her foot last year about this time. They are going to do a biopsy on Aug 4 to find out if it is skin cancer. I am really worried about her, she's over in HI alone right now and has no support. :( This is all weighing in heavily on my heart right now. Prayers needed.

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