Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy July!

Wow, July is already here, can't believe the summer is half over already! Kinda of sad and kinda of not about that lol, I am looking forward to the girls going to school in August so I can have a little me time.

We had a great 4th of July weekend, we had a picnic with the HMMT group. It was alot of fun and games for the kids (and dads too) and the weather was just perfect! We spent a good 3 hours at the park letting the kids play while the adults chatted and relaxed. Later that night we went to Bridgestreet to watch the city fireworks, it was wonderful. We did have to get there about an hour and half before the show in order to get a parking spot, but it worked out and we had a nice viewing spot of them. Next year I'll take a little more snacks for the kids while we wait.

Jess has to go to the dentist tomorrow, seems she has an issue with the silver crown they put one of her back teeth or the gum is infected. Either way she has been complaining since last week, so we're off to the dentist. I had planned a playdate today at the house but ended up cancelling since normally they see us the same day. They didn't call back for quite sometime, well then they ended up not being able to see us today! I was kinda mad, I could have kept my playdate on for today and let the kids have some fun. Oh well, tomorrow we should have some company, that will improve their moods.

As for me, I weighed in yesterday and was down 3lbs! Yay, that's a total of 5.5lbs since June 15th. Last week I had gained and was discouraged but I kept plugging along on my diet and it seemed to help. Hubby, well I don't think he weighed in, so not sure what is going on with him. We'll have to check him again next week, hopefully he'll have a loss too.

Here is a couple pics from the 4th.
Hailey really loves to play with playdoh and Jess loves Hula Hoops! lol
This is their fireworks tshirts they made, we got this fun event from Family Fun online. They really enjoyed the craft, it was simple, a little messy but fun! Next year I think we'll do it again but a different way, probably a little less messy at that!

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