Monday, January 25, 2010

24 Weeks, 10 Pounds & Counting Down

I went to the Dr today for my 24 week appointment for Baby P, and while I figured I had gained SOME weight, I was NOT counting on 10 lbs!! I mean really, who gains that much in a months time?? Well I do apparently.  However, when we were talking about, she said not to worry, because I was still down less than what I was when I came to my first visit.  That was a little reassuring, as I don't want to gain over about 25 lbs, but we'll see how that goes. I have been eating more since I have finally begun to feel better, no more morning sickness nor stupid cold I could not get rid of. I still don't necessarily believe I am 24 weeks pregnant...I mean wasn't it like yesterday when I found out? I've got about 3 months and 2ish weeks left before Baby P is due to arrive.

The appointment today went well, except for my blood pressure was up a little, 140/90.  I am bp pills and have been since I started going, but I did forget to take one this morning, so I wonder if that caused it to be up.  The last few times I have gone it's been in the 120's/130's over the 80's .  Either way she was a little concerned so I am going back in a week for a recheck on it.

My next appointment is a month away, and I get to do the fun 1 hour glucose test. YAY, um not. I just pray I pass this time. :) After that appointment, I'll start going every 2 weeks, that's when the real count down begins.    All this counting down also means I am running out of time to come up with a name for Baby P.  Guess it's time to sit down with some books and come up with a list and narrow it down.

Wish us luck!


The Workman Family said...

Get on those names!

Tracy said...

I gained 10 lbs one month, too! in fact, it was the month I did my glucose test. but, I didn't gain the next month, and just a little bit after that. it all evened out. ;)

Ambitious Blonde said...

I know! I peeked at name books last night at B&N there was like 50 gazillion to pick from!

I am hoping the 10lbs was a one time thing at once! We'll see!