Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days and Randomness

Well Alabama had another "snow day" yesterday and today. The entire city was pretty much shut down by yesterday afternoon, including all school systems.  I didn't mind so much honestly, it made where I basically had a 3 week holiday vacation as well as the kids.  I have a lot of friends who were not happy with schools being closed, and I can understand.  However after seeing how roads iced up around the time the schools let out, I was glad I chose not to send Jess in for 3 hours. 

We didn't get a lot of snow, maybe half an inch if that, but it was SO cold and continues to be that way.  I haven't set foot outside since Wed morning and that's OK with me. The wind chills are in the single digits, that's enough to make my face feel like it might fall off! lol  I was probably one of few who did not send the kids out to play, they did not even really ask, which was alright with me. There is still some "snow" aka ice on the ground and some road ways from what I understand, and it'll probably be here a couple more days since it's so cold. 

Other than weather days, not much else exciting going on.  I was hoping to go to Bunco tonight but woke up with a terrible migraine. Even after taking a 3 hour nap this afternoon it would not really ease up, so I missed it.  Tomorrow night is the HMMT's 4th Anniversary party. I can't believe it's been 4 years already and we're still going strong. I am looking forward to another fun filled year with a lot of events and fun! 

On the baby front, I am finally noticing the little frog moving around quite a bit.  She's not so active I can feel her on the outside, but I can definitely feel her moving around. We've been tossing around a few names, but nothing even close to being set in stone. The girls want to name her Ashley and my sister wants her middle name to be Lauren, so Ashley Lauren.  While it's a pretty name, it reminds me to much of Laura Ashley, so I don't think it'll make it to the finalized list. 

I am also finally feeling better, morning sickness seems to have moved on and a little energy has returned, yay!  I hope this trend continues since I have a lot to do before the baby's arrival. I go back to the doctor at the end of the month for my next checkup.  I am having a hard time believing I will be 24 weeks then! 

Have a warm & cozy night!

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The Workman Family said...

yay on feeling the baby move!