Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Grindstone

Tomorrow that is.  That is what the little bit of what we call normal returns, well except the fact J is still out of school until Wed.  However I return to work tomorrow and both girls will be tagging along, unless dh is still home sick.  I knew he would come down with what we've all had, and I hope it's short lived for him.  He called in today and he's not the type to do that unless he feels really bad. 

We've had a great two week vacation, family visits, movies, staying up late and sleeping in, but I am looking forward to school starting back.  Except maybe the work part for me lol, but I only have about 4 more months  to go and it's only twice a week.  I do wonder though with the impending weather on Thursday and Friday if they will keep school on schedule.  Yes it is Alabama and yes the city closes down when there is a real potential threat for inclement weather.. but really you should be happy.  Have you seen these people drive in the snow?? I have and it's not a pretty sight.  We'll see if the snow stays in the forecast for the week, but even if it doesn't snow, it's going to be below freezing EVERY day the rest of this week. The wind chills are expected to be below 0 several nights this week.  So not looking forward to that.

I've been busy catching up on meetup business and trying to keep the house semi clean, pretty hard to do with both kids home. Also been making lists of things I need to buy for the baby's arrival.  So far the list is short, since we have the majority of all the big items still, whew! I am hoping to find some things at some of the upcoming Spring consignment sales. The biggest thing I need to do is move H from her toddler bed into a twin, so we can have the crib mattress back.  I need to check on some prices and see if I can get it for her birthday maybe.

I also made a couple New Year's Resolutions....not sure why, since I rarely keep them lol

1. Be more organized & efficient
2. Be more patient with my children
3. Be nicer to my husband

They seem doable, right? Just nod your head in agreement and I'll be happy!

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