Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Where did this last year go? I still feel like it's 2009 and have a few more months left, but then I realize Christmas has come and gone and New Years as well.

A quick review of 2009

* In Jan I booked our family vacation to Disney for May
* On Feb 1, I found out I was pregnant but two weeks later miscarried, starting Valentine's Day
* In March, we decided to go ahead with our Disney trip as planned
* We also celebrated H's 4th Birthday in March
* March thru the beginning of our trip, I threw myself into planning our vacation
* May 21 we leave for Florida, the girls had no idea we were going to Disney
* May 22, we wake them up and give them a gift to open and surprise them with the trip, they were excited
* Spent a week at Disney, had the most magical time with the family & a great anniversary there
* June and July were spent going to play dates with friends
* August was brought in with the celebration of J's 9th Birthday & the beginning of 4th grade
* H also started moms day out twice a week (a god send)
* During this time I also began looking for a part time job, had a hard time
* Good news later in Aug, found out H's school was looking for a program aide, 5 days a week
* Hired in early September and started right after Labor Day
* After working that week, found out I was pregnant and boy was morning sickness kicking my butt!
* Soon after it was Oct, and I was having a few issues and was worried about losing the baby
* Oct 15th came, my due date for our Feb baby.  Had a rough time
* Celebrated Halloween with family & HMMT group party
* In Nov we had a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home with my dad and FIL
* Christmas time arrived quickly and that brought my mom, stepdad and sister to visit. It was great Christmas!
*A few days after Christmas, I had my 20 week ultrasound, found out the baby is a GIRL!
* We spent NYE home as a family, let the girls stay up until 11 to watch the ball drop and we soon went to bed after. The CST really needs to have some kind of celebration!

Last year had its ups and downs but one thing I can say for sure, is that we are closer as a family now. :) I can't wait to see what 2010 brings us and hope it's happy & prosperous for all!

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