Tuesday, April 20, 2010

36 Weeks Down, 4 Or less To Go

It's official, I am on the final countdown until Bebe G arrives! Next week at this time I'll be considered full term and it's A-OK with me for her to arrive anytime after that.  I had my 36 week check up yesterday, you know the fun stuff. Sitting in the paper "cover" for 20 minutes are so waiting for the doctor, having the baby push its feet so far up in my ribs I can't breathe, having the GBS test done, and the ever so fun dilation check.

I'll stop there and just give you the basics lol.  My blood pressure was good, 122/88, bebe g's heartbeat was 150 range, they did a quick ultrasound to determine if she was head down and she was, WOOT! Then I was hoping for a slight dilation...but nope.  I guess those contractions I had last Monday were just the body prepping for the real thing.  I am a little dehydrated, so I've been instructed to drink water, lots and lots of water.  So I am trying to do better, I keep a cup of  water with me at all times, but I still don't think I am drinking enough, which is obvious.

We are making progress on the to do list, we bought a new mattress set this past weekend. Our old one will move to J's room, J's to H's room and the mattress for the toddler bed back to the crib for Bebe G. Works well for everyone, and we REALLY needed a new bed.  The one we have is a firm and it's just not right for us, we need plush, so that's what we are getting, can't wait!

So now taking bets on when Bebe G will be born :) Check it out: 


d e v a n said...

Can't wait to meet her! Decide on a name yet?

Ambitious Blonde said...

Officially no, but we are down to about 3 names :)