Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bebe G Update

I went to my 34 week checkup on Monday (yes today is Wednesday- I realize that) and overall everything is fine with Bebe G and I. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, 144/88, but I think it was due to the egg disaster we (the playgroup) was facing, thankfully that's resolved now! I saw the NP, but she again didn't seem overly concerned, I guess mostly because my bp has been under control through out this pregnancy. The NP had a little trouble getting Bebe G's heartbeat because she moved every time she found it lol. That's my stubborn girl.

This appointment was also the "decision time" appointment and even walking in the door I still had no clue what I had planned to do.  If you haven't been keeping up, I needed to decide between having a RCS (repeat c-section) or VBAC. I have never been so indecisive in my life, well OK except in naming my kids, especially Bebe G since we still haven't finalized that yet. I told the NP I wanted to talk to the doctor before deciding and signing off on the paper.

There are so many reasons (some personal and some medical) to choose either choice, but I felt I just did not know what to do. My heart was saying one thing my brain another, hubby one thing and me idling on the fence...but thankfully he is supportive either way. I've read and read online about the "best" choice, but it really does boil down to a personal choice. Each one has it's pros and cons and I spoke with several friends who have gone through this choice and know their stories now more in depth.  I believe their stories, talking with dh again and reading other stories online helped me make a decision along with talking to my doctor.

I've pretty much decided to "try" for a VBAC providing my body goes into labor on it's own.  Meaning I do not and will not be induced unless there is a medical reason to do so (as it has been in the past for me) and my doctor is on board.  If I go into labor, and my body does not progress within a reasonable time frame, then I will have a RCS rather than an induction.  If I do not go into labor or have signs of going into labor near my due date, I will likely go ahead with the RCS as well.  I would much rather have a planned RCS than an emergency one due to my own experiences and from what I read online and from people I know.

I know for sure that I do not want to labor for 20 plus hours only to end up with an emergency c-section like last time. I was exhausted, had no clue really what was going on and it took me awhile to recover both mentally and physically.  So as of right now this is my plan, to wait and see how my body does and my doctor agrees with me.  I have time, 6 weeks before my estimated due date, so only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you made a decision :D I hope it goes the way you plan.

d e v a n said...

I'm glad you've got a plan! Sounds like a good one to me!

Jen said...

Yeah for a plan! I'm glad you finally decided on something that makes you happy. Now I'll just pray that your body and Bebe G cooperate!

Tracy said...

I'll definitely be praying that your body and bebe G cooperate and go into labor with out help! :)

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks ladies, I am anxious and nervous but it's out of my hands :)