Friday, April 23, 2010

It's the Weekend Baby!

It's been a rough week and I sorely need this upcoming weekend.  I am going to Nashville with 7 other ladies, all from HMMT, for the weekend. We leave tomorrow morning and hopefully will avoid the weather that is being predicted.  The plan is, shopping, relaxing, eating, maybe some other shopping, relaxing, eating, and sleeping lol and finally coming back on Sunday. Poor hubby will have to stay home with the kiddos with just one of the kiddos because the other is going to a birthday party/sleepover.  How does he get so lucky?? Oh wait, he'll still be stuck with the stubborn, strong headed , not listening 5 yr old though. :)

On other weekend news, it's supposed to be raining and possible severe weather on Saturday afternoon both here at home and in Nashville. They are talking possible tornadoes, which really doesn't help my blood pressure any.  I already get antsy with that weather, but to be away from the family, one kid at a sleepover and being 2 hours away, just doesn't help. I pray it dies down before it hits here and we just all get some thunderstorms.

Next weekend at this time, we'll be getting ready for Relay For Life.  The last 2 years we've got rain, storms and probably tornado like weather and not made it all night and or the event has been cancelled and scheduled for later.  Right now, the weather looks to be NICE for that weekend and oh how it would be lovely to have an actual all night Relay, please keep your fingers crossed! By the way since I am talking about it, please go make a donation to our team! Just click the Relay button over to the right and make a donation, any amount to help find the cure for cancer! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


The Workman Family said...

Can't wait either!! It's been a long, busy month!
I hope the weather turns out to be nothing.

Jen said...

I'm so jealous! Wish I could have joined you guys.

Tracy said...

woo hooooooooo!!!! I'm so excited!

Nicole said...

I freaked when I first read your title. I thought, "Weekend baby! But wait, she's going to Nashville with me this weekend! The baby has to wait at least one more weekend." lol

I am seriously excited about the trip, but am with you on the stress of leaving my kids with the threat of tornados.

Ambitious Blonde said...

I am so ready too Devan, Tracy and Nicole, after the way my kids have been this week, I can't get away fast enough!!!

Jen, wish you could go too, hope you have a good weekend!

Here's hoping to just some storms and no tornadoes!