Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camping Time

Tomorrow I embark on a 3 day camping trip with 5 Girl Scouts and 3 other parents.  That means the odds are pretty good right? I am trying to tell myself this will be fun, it has to be right? It's camping, how boring could it be. I have not been camping since I was about 18 and well let's just say things were different with 15 friends vs taking 5 Girl Scouts.

I am looking forward to the fun trip with Jessica.  She's so excited about all the fun activities we're going to do. She is ready for canoeing, archery, swimming and of course the campfires and s'mores! I think I am most looking forward to the Indian Pow Wow. They are supposed to be in full dress and perform. Can't wait! I hope to get some good pictures to share when I get back, so we'll see.

Oh have I mentioned how HOT it's going to be or the good chance of rain all weekend? This is the part I am not looking forward to. I can deal with a little rain, but do not want bad storms or rain all day.  Say a prayer for us will you?


Nicole said...

Sounds like so much fun -- except for the heat, but you will be near water so maybe you can just take a dip or two every so often. Have fun!

d e v a n said...

other than the heat, that sounds like a ton of fun!! Enjoy!

Mommy Attorney said...

I hope you guys are having fun!