Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend Update

J and I made it home from Girl Scout camp at Camp Trico. Overall it went well, the girls all seemed to have a blast, despite the rain, heat, bugs and squeaky beds. We lucked up and were able to stay in the unit houses and they had air conditioning! WOOT. I know, I know, it's not really camping if you have AC, but when it's this hot in Alabama you are thankful for what you get. :) I admit I went prepared, I took an air mattress and a small plug in fan (yep we even had electricity and indoor bathrooms) so I would be more comfortable. In fact it was suggested that the adults bring the air mattress to put on top of the mattresses on the bed because they were so thin. I was the only one that listened and I slept great. I bet next time they listen!

We arrived Friday evening, had our sack dinner and then the girls got to do a few crafts. They made some name tag necklaces and medicine bags to put their beads in they earned during camp. Unfortunately our campfire that night got rained out. So we headed to our bunkhouse to get settled in for the night.  Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to head down for breakfast and then out canoeing and for Indian crafts. While I did not go canoeing, the girls seemed to be loving it. They were all nervous and a little scared their boats would tip, but they did awesome. One of our girls got scared and cried and came back in early but ended up back out there and loved it. So glad she gave it another chance. 

After lunch that day, there were Indian games and archery to be done! We took a short hike on the way to the Archery site and by short I mean NOT really short lol. After learning the basics all the girls got to shoot 5 bows and one of our girls even got a bullseye! I know she was proud. Then it was off to swimming for a few hours before dinner. I would not exactly call what we had "dinner" but it was something to eat. We had what was called a "hobo dinner", which essentially was a frozen hamburger patty, corn on the cob and some thawed tater tots thrown into tin foil and wrapped up and put in the fire.Once it was cooked, you simply opened it, put together your hamburger and ate.  Ummm, this had to be the most unappealing looking food I've ever seen. If you haven't had it, I don't suggest it.

Before and after dinner, we were lucky enough to have a group of Native Americans come to our camp and bring all kinds of neat things for us to look at. Plus they ended up singing, dancing and playing music with us. It was the high light of the trip for me. We had a real Chief there and she was like a sweet ol' grandma. Just wanted to hug her. :)

Soon after it was time to head out for s'mores! It was a beautiful night, a slight breeze and tons of chocolate and yummy gooey marshmallows! The girls were exhausted and soon as they hit the bed they were out like a light. Sunday after breakfast and clean up we headed home.  We managed to shower and eat lunch before passing out for a good nap.

A few favorite pics from the weekend

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looks like you all had fun!