Saturday, January 1, 2011

I've Been Dreaming of a White Christmas

For 33 years, I've dreamed of a white Christmas and never did I think I would see one, especially in Alabama! Then again I think the majority of the people in Alabama thought the same thing. It was simply amazing to wake up to a very white Christmas morning, the area had anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow. It was breath taking. 

I not sure I'll see another white Christmas in my lifetime but it was worth the wait.  The snow made the day so much more magical, seeing the kids when they realized there was tons of snow out there, was awesome. They were so happy to be able to go out and play and build a snowgirl.  Of course they made snow angels and threw a few snowballs.  If we had more appropriate clothing, we would have all enjoyed the snow more and stayed out longer.

Our 1st Snow "girl"

Snow Angel in the making

Don't think she quite understood what to do ;)
We had a very laid back Christmas this year, more so since we stayed home rather than try to go out and visit family.  I am very glad, while the roads weren't bad early on, they were later when it iced over. The kids enjoyed all of their presents, Kaitlyn didn't really know what to do or think, but next year should be fun!

A couple days later we headed down to Georgia to visit family and spend a few days there.  It was great, the drive there and back went well.  The last few times we've gone, something has happened.  From the kids being sick, to car issues, but thankfully this time there were none.  The visit always go by to fast, but I am glad we went. 

All in all I would say that we had an awesome Christmas!

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d e v a n said...

It really was magical! Glad you had a good trip!