Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So it's been crazy around here due to our snow, and by snow I mean really a lot of snow for Alabama.  We had over 8 inches all across North Alabama. I know, I know my Northern friends this is not a lot in comparison to what you get, however let me point out again, this is Alabama.  We (as in the state) are not prepared nor equipped for this type of snow.  We have a few snow plows but not enough and when it snows here, it melts and turns into black ice.  Black ice is very very dangerous, especially at night as you might imagine.  Our city & surrounding counties have been closed down since late Sunday night, today is Tuesday.  School has been canceled since Sunday night and is closed at least through tomorrow (Wednesday).  It's quite possible it'll be closed or delayed Thursday due to the amount of snow/ice still on the roads. 

I mentioned before I got a new job at Jo-Ann fabric & craft stores, had orientation last week and was supposed to start work this week.  Actually I was supposed to start last night, but they called at 8 am yesterday morning and said they were not opening due to the weather.  OK makes perfect sense to me. They told me to come in tonight at 5 pm. and so even though the city opened some roads today (they were reclosing them at 5) and my local roads still icy I made the trek into work.  There were plenty of people there, so I thought OK we'll be working no problem.  I go on in and the first shift is leaving and I and only 1 other person show up for the 5 shift.  Um OK. They are like oh yeah we're not working tonight.  Excuse me? They apparently were able to call every single other person  BUT me and this one other guy?? I am pissed, beyond pissed they have such a lack of respect for us.  It kills me because the roads were not clear enough to drive on and they did NOT even apologize for not calling. 

I really am not sure what to do. I am supposed to work Wed, Fri & Sat this week, however we are still under Winter storm warnings, hard freeze warnings and the news keeps talking about the roads being bad.  If they are going to be this way tomorrow, WHY would I drive back to that store? Um I don't think so.  The job is not worth possibly getting into a major wreck, getting hurt or killed.  No thanks.

So now a few pics from this week

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d e v a n said...

That sucks that they didn't call! I would definitely call them before leaving tonight! They SHOULD call you, but I'd check, just in case.