Thursday, June 21, 2007

Always a nice surprise

When you wake up and check your website to see if you have any orders come in. I was pleasantly surprised this morning with 2 orders that equaled over $150.00. I just wish that people would leave their contact info, just email address so I could send a thank you note. I guess this day and age everyone is worried they will sign up for something or get bombarded with emails. Can't say I blame them though I have had that happen as well.

I am finishing up my first quarter with Tupperware late July and I am already at $1000 in personal sales. Not to bad I must say, much better than I did with any other business I have been in over the last few years. I also must let you know that I only held 1 home party and the rest of the sales have been from Internet sales. :)

I hope that everyone is achieving their goals this year, I hope to double my sales next quarter!

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Alexandria said...

I regret to say I wont be meeting my goals. I'm more than likely closing down "Cheerful Treasures". I havent been getting much interest or sales. I threw out a 50% OFF SALE on everything, got a couple of sales, but nothing jumping for joy over. I've become very discouraged and it's not getting any better.