Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Outdoor Fun

Why exactly do they call it fun? Who exactly is it fun for? Not for me the parent thats for sure. We ok well I decided that we needed to buy another pool for the girls since the one we had was rather small and round and all they could do was sit in it. So I went to Target this past weekend and got new pool, has a slide, basketball goal, ring toss on it. Sounds neat, looks kinda cool but isn't as big as you think it'll be. I think the size is just fine for them though the slide is to small for Jess and to large for Hailey. Oh well I tried! The slide is removable though, so we can have more roaming room which will work out.

While at Target I ok not really me but Jess decided we needed a slip n slide and a water mat as well, and of course a pump to blow up all this stuff! Gee I spent to much money but I figure I'll need as much activity as I can get for them this summer so they do not drive me crazy. Oh yah and I bought a bubble blower lol. FUN FUN FUN did I mention fun?

So this morning as soon as Hailey got up (6:30 ) she says outside, play outside mama. hmm ok yah but not now, later. Whew saved a few hours for waking up. So she and Jess both proceed to look out the door for the next few hours, outside mama outside. After Calliou I tell Hailey, she seemed ok with this at 9 am, though Calliou doesn't come on til 10 lol guess it's good to not have the concept of time yet.

We did manage to make it outside at 10:30 and both kids played in the pool, splashed each other, cried because the other splashed them and generally didn't listen. I kept telling Hailey to stay in the pool, do you think she listened? NO of course not, she's 2. Ah well they had fun, we stayed out for about an hour and half and then had lunch. Inside playtime and then nap time yippeee! Love nap time NOW that's FUN!. :)

So we'll see what FUN tomorrow brings, hope it's much better than today!

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Alexandria said...

lmao DS is exactly the same way. Now that the lovely weather is around and staying, he wants to play outside in his dirt box (we're building a sand box but it's just dirt right now lol), his bouncing castle and his tent & tunnel. It's crazy. Luckily!!! Our entire backyard is fenced in, the gate is blocked shut and he doesn't mind playing outside by himself as long as he can yell for me. YAY!!!