Friday, June 22, 2007

So Flipping Mad!

OMG so mad so mad! I ordered a Dell laptop on June 6, the estimated ship date was June 16th. Sounds good right? Yeah to good to be true more like it. So the 16th arrives and I log on to see if it has shipped yet. Nope, nada, no updates, nothing. Then the next day I log on again, oh great it's been delayed til the 22nd of June. Hmmm ok as long as it ships I tell myself. So guess what?? Today is the 22nd, I log on and do you know what I find???

There has been a delay in the processing of your order, you need to consent for this delay, consent for this delay and any other delays or cancel this order. If you do NOT consent by the previous ship date we will be forced to cancel the order.

Why the hell did they not send me an email? What if I had checked the order tomorrow the 23rd and it said cancelled? Lack of customer service right there. I am furious, beyond furious. I would NOT have ordered a new computer if I didn't need one. My damn backspace button is broke and not fixable and you know you can't live without that damn button. Had it been the Q button, the CTRL button sure I could have dealt, but NOOOOOOOOO.

They ought to give me some damn discount for all this trouble!


Marcy said...

I am here to calm you down Blondie!! LOL.......

Alexandria said...

Aw hun. Want me to go beat them up? I understand your frustration. Have you tried talking directly to a supervisor or manager? Maybe there's something they can do for you to make up for the time it's been.

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks ladies!@ Not yet but if it gets changed again I will be calling!