Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trying to do better

At posting on my blog! I was doing really great in May but June came, schools out and alot of play dates going on! So here I am almost the middle of the month and not many post for June, sorry!

Hmm let's see what has been going on? Not much really, been trying to get the girls outside on a daily basis when the weather cooperates. They are enjoying the pool and slip n slide though Hailey makes me nervous in the pool. She has done really well so far and really just stands and splashes or sits and plays with the toys. She hates water in her face so immediately freaks out. LOL I find it kinda funny because it can be 1 speck and she screams "mommy towel, please mommy". hehe.

Jess doesn't really like water on her face either but she deals with it since she wants to be in the pool and on the slip n slide. If you have ever been on a slip n slide you know you can't avoid water on your face! Lots of fun takes me back to my childhood.

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather!

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