Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring errr I mean Summer Weather

This past weekend was beautiful! I mean temps in the 60s-70's and a nice breeze the entire time. We went to the park and played and the kids had a great time on Saturday and then Sunday we had a small family party for Hailey's birthday. Since the weather was so nice we decided to grill out, had steak, baked potatoes and salad. YUM! It really felt like Spring was here, then today, the temp is 80 plus outside!!! Umm where did Spring go? If its getting this warm already in early March I can't imagine what this summer will be like.

I am more worried about the actual weather not temperature.... If we will have tons of thunderstorms that could likely become tornadic or if we'll be lucky this year. We know it will rain, in the last 11 yrs that I have lived here, we always get a brief shower almost every day in the summer. Normally around 2-3 pm, and then it heats back up and gets humid and HOT! We did have a drought a couple years ago and it was miserable and hot, every day in August that year, it was over 100 degrees not including the heat index.

In the meantime I am counting down the days until we go back to Disney World! Hubby and I are excited and cant' wait.... the girls, well they don't know yet! Our secret until closer to time atleast if we tell them at all before we leave! We have our ADR, that is advanced dining reservations for those not current on WDW talk lol We are going for 8/7 and decided to stay at Coronado Springs again rather than a value hotel. They were nice and looked fun, but for just $200 more we get a "nice" hotel with dedicated bus service, recent upgrades and more!

Stay tuned for more posts related to WDW, because I am sure there will be more to come! Have a great Monday afternoon!

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