Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break...busy busy!

It never seems to be a relaxing time, we don't do vacations during Spring Break because hubby usually doesn't have enough vacation time saved up at this point. However it seems that we are still super busy during this week! I do try to keep both kids entertained and often find it hard to do because we don't go to the major parks around here during this time due to the overwhelming number of kids there. Plus the weather has been really nice this week, so I can imagine it was more busy than even normal! We have done some play dates with friends, gone to a St. Patty's party, that was tons of fun and we'll have friends over this week to. Later this week we are going to the Botanical Gardens, which is always fun. I am thinking of getting a membership there, since they have alot of fun events for kids during the summer. Saturday will prove to be quite busy as well for me atleast. I have a 2 hour block on Sat that I'll be up at Kroger's taking donations for Relay For Life, then we have a birthday party to attend for a few hours, and finally I'll end the night with a moms night in watching the movie Twilight!

This week started out rough, Jess has been complaining her right ear was hurting her and by Monday it wasn't any better. So off we went to the dr, her ear was red and borderline infected and I am guessing due to her past history of ear infections they went ahead and put her on antibiotics. The dr asked if she wanted the chewables or liquid, she chose the tablets. Hmm I thought to myself lol but I said ok. She has to take 1.5 pills two times a day for 10 days. I thought she was going to die the 1st time lol she was gagging and complaining the entire time. Oh well, guess next time she'll be asking for the liquid!

Tuesday hubby had to go out of town for a business trip back to Philly again. It seems several of their vendors are located there. So he left that morning and should be arriving back in Hsv tonight. I'll be glad when he's home and things are back to the girls the last 2 nights haven't been to bed on time. Oops lol oh well, it's Spring Break after all. ;)

We had friends over today to play and of course there were snacks. Hailey had a plastic bowl and after she was done she says to me " Mom, that sign means recycle." I was like huh??? you know what that means? lol it was quite comical, I had no idea she even knew that. So I quizzed her asking where she learned it, thinking maybe Sid The Science Kid on PBS or Sesame Street. Nope, finally she tells me Wall-E! I am amazed she picked that up from the movie, but she does love it and watch it often. So maybe movies aren't so bad after all? :)

Some of you may have noticed too that I changed the name of my blog. It was called View From A Blonde before, but I think this is more fitting. I was getting some STRANGE searches from the prior title!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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