Monday, February 19, 2007

There comes a time in life when you must........


If you have been in any kind of direct sales or network marketing you will know the "type" of person I am talking about. The ones that jump on every thread of a competing company in order to put their name out there. They purposely jump in with their "opinions" and "beliefs" that have nothing to do with the orginal posters questions/comments.

I have seen this come into play almost daily for years on a well known wahm site. There's a girl I will call Bessie, Bessie represents a company thats been around for a few years. She thinks that she's a super team player and that she should be spokesperson for that company. Bessie also likes to throw around her opinions on everyone else's forum and thread that have nothing to do with Her company.

Bessie also can't stand it if she doesn't have the last word, who will continue to post and post and in the end makes herself look stupid. Personally when I am looking at a company I stay away from those who think they are the company.

Bessie will email you and call you to death until you join or tell her to leave you the hell alone. She will try to bribe you and tell you how great things are, but of course never tell you the cons to joining. I mean really do you want to join someone who is going to lie to you? I think not.

Bessie will get hers in the end, everyone sees her and knows how shes posts and often times they will find someone else to join or ask about the company. Bessie is pathetic....

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