Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How to get a toddler to eat...??

Thats the question of the day!

I have a 2 yr old dd, who will eat but generally not what I want her to eat! We have to fight about it everyday and it's really getting old.

She likes: toast, cereal, breakfast bars, yogurt, corn, pork chop, cheese, mac n cheese, sometimes chicken, bread, crackers, cookies etc. .....

The list of "don't likes" is SO long that it would take me days to write. lol. So the question is how do you get them to eat when they are so picky? I swear you would think I was a first time mom with no clue, but I have a 6.5 yr old dd too but she was never this way! She would eat almost anything you put in front of her and still does.

Any advice or suggestions? I keep giving her the meals we eat now but half the time she just plays with it. We'll be taking multivitamins soon!


Alexandria said...

How about trying different types of sandwhiches? Peanut Butter & Jam. Ham & Pickle. Cheese Wiz. You could also do Grilled Cheese sandwhiches and you could put in slices of apples, or pieces of bacon. You could also try snacks like "Ants on a log"; celery with cheese wiz (or peanut butter) and raisons on it. You could also do a "Trail Mix" that my mom always gave us as a snack; you mix together cheerios, raisons, flaked coconut, chocolate chips, mini marshmellows and any other dried fruit (dried pineapple or papaya is really good).

Hope that helps!

suzys-mom said...

I think they generally grow out of this phase. I was told to just put some of the offending food on their plate. After about 10 time they get use to seeing it there and finally taste it. Eventually they eat more normally. Its all in the maturing process. My son was an extremely picky eater when he was little. Now he eats a wide variety of food.

Also they crave what they need. And they never starve themselves.