Thursday, April 5, 2007

What a wonderful day!

Well besides the temps being below freezing this morning, it's been a wonderful day! I got a phone call from the lead contact person for a girls softball team that I have been talking to for a little over a week now. They want to the fundraiser! I am soo excited to have this opportunity because it will get my name, Tupperware out there to the public and hopefully some repeat customers! We gear up for the Tupperware fundraiser on April 15th and it runs thru April 30th, and what's really great is the girls team earns 40% of the sales they make.

I can't wait to see how it all goes, but I do know that every parent will buy something, because you know how it is if you are a parent. I just recently spent $80 for a FR so my dd could go to some big party because you had to sell at least 10 things to go. BLAH I don't like how they make you feel bad if you can't spend that money and your kid gets upset.

Anywho! I am also having my first Tupperware party on April 22 and so far I have 8 guests coming and still about 5 I haven't heard back from and some outside orders coming in! I tell you this April is ROCKING!

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