Sunday, April 15, 2007

Made it to the dentist....

on Friday 13th of all days. I had my appt with the oral surgeon at 8:30 am to have 2 back teeth removed because they were really bad off. I really needed the root canals, build up and crowns but heck even with insurance we are talking over $500 for the 2, so I had to get them pulled and will save up to get bridges done soon I hope.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled about 3 yrs ago and you know for that they put you under but I really didn't like the way I felt when I woke up. I had trouble breathing and basically had a panic attack. So for this appt I had the choice of knocked out, IV Sedation or just Local. I chose IV Sedation.

I arrived at the dentist on time and they immediately took me to a room and started working on me. Heart monitors, bp cuff and tried to get the IV started. They tried 4 times and were still unable to get it and of course they busted one vein and its all puffy and bruised and my arm has a nasty bruise as well. Couldn't get it, so the Dr suggested Nitrous. He said it would help relax me a bit and I thought that's probably a good idea!

Well they get it started and it did not do well for me, I started getting panicky, felt like I couldn't breathe, was dizzy and seeing spots, so we had to stop that. Decided to do it with just the Novocaine and I was still very nervous at this point. The Dr started working on my worst tooth, one that had been broken off a bit already. I didn't feel anything but alot of pressure but every time he tried to pull it another piece broke off and I could hear it. Makes me shudder to even think about it now. That tooth was the worst and probably took 10 minutes to get out with each root having to be done separate and they actually had to cut some out. I have stitches in it.

He then tells me he's not going to do the other he's not sure if I can handle it because I was sort of freaking out. It didn't hurt a bit but I was just nervous and my bp was up and heart going fast. I told him he had to do it today because I wasn't coming back! So he let me calm down for a few and came back and did the 2nd one in like 2 mins. Didn't hurt and it didn't break off.

The fun doesn't stop there! They gave me pain meds which I started taking around 12 noon that day and kept taking every 4 hours so I wouldn't be in pain. That night when I got ready for bed I started having panic attacks as soon as I closed my eyes. When that finally stopped I slept for hours and hours. Got up at 7 and took another pill and the panic attack started again when I tried to go back to sleep. I felt sick, dizzy and thought I would pass out. So my hubby called the Dr and they said to stop taking the meds.

Luckily for me I haven't really been in any pain, it's tender on my cheeks and gums but it doesn't really hurt. I have been taking Tylenol but am getting some more Motrin today for it. Hope to be eating some real foods by Monday as right now I am living off of mac n cheese and other soft foods.

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suzys-mom said...

Wow, that was an awful day!! I had a really bad reaction to the gas when I was a kid, so I always oft for novacaine!! If the tooth doesn't break, it is over quick, as you figured out. I wonder what was happening with the pain meds tho. You might be allergic, so if you ever need them again, tell them about your reaction and they can give you something different. I hope you are feeling better.