Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Trip To Hawaii

My mom and stepdad were kind enough to pay for our 4 tickets to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks! It was really nice of them and I need to send a thank you card as an extra thought. You never realize how much you need a vacation until you get there and not have the stress you do at home.

Our flight to Hawaii was wonderful! The kids did soo well at the airport considering we had to wait 4 hours between the time my sister landed and our flight left. We got thru security and checked in all in less than 30 mins at the ATL airport! Thankfully it went so well, I was nervous about the rules.

The flight itself went well, the girls loved flying and Hailey napped the first 4 hours of the flight once we took off. Then she woke to eat and slept for another hour or so and didn't get antsy until about the last hour. Jessica slept the last half of the flight lol figures eh? She enjoyed it and got to sit by the window which she loved.

I posted in another post the slideshows with almost all our pics from our sightseeing, I hope you enjoy them. We visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation, Pali State Park, North Shore, Bellows Beach, Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Beach and went to Paradise Coves Luau. There is so much to do there and see and I wish we had had more money to do more! I really wanted to go to Pearl Harbor, see Cirque Hawaii and go on a dinner cruise and to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It worked out though because I think we did just enough activities and not wear ourselves completely out.

We spent our 8th wedding anniversary in Waikiki, that was really nice. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate and Oh My the food was sooo yummy! They give so much food we only got 1 slice of chocolate mousse cheesecake to share. That was delicious, I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

The kids had a great time visiting with my mom (nana) and stepdad (papa) and my sister (Lauren). Oahu is such a beautiful island and if you ever get a chance to visit its an experience you'll not forget.

Our trip back was a little more eventful than I cared for lol. The airport was fine, got thru security again within 30 mins and only had about 45 mins before we left. We left at 4:15 pm and due to arrive in ATL att 7 am which we did on the dot. Unfortunately the flight was all night and Hailey did NOT sleep until the last hour and Jess stayed awake the whole time. Hailey was in a mood and would scream, cry, fuss at every single thing. No matter what we did she was miserable, overtired for sure. I felt bad since so many were trying to sleep but everyone was pretty understanding. Other than that the flight wasn't to bad, except for a couple of rude flight attendants. I am sure they were tired too but come on, its your job get over it.

Once we arrived in ATL we got our luggage and was off to the car in about 30 mins, seeing a trend there. So off we go to IHOP for breakfast (they served umm yogurt and a fruit cup for breakfast) and then home bound. We got about 30 mins or so from IHOP and Hailey threw up all over herself, the car and carseat and the duffel bag. So here we are on 20 and I had to pull thru 3 lanes of traffic to the side of the road. Unpack the entire trunk to get to clothing and the other carseat. Change the clothes, change the carseat out, clean up clean up and FINALLY get back on the rd. I was worried about driving to far though since we didn't know what was wrong with her. We opted to stay at hotel in Douglasville for the day/night. We all ended up napping for about 5 hours when we got there and then Hailey only slept 4 hours that night. Essentially were were up all night she woke up at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep. On top of that the couple next door to us was getting it on Very Loudly. We heard it all thru the walls over a loud tv. Jess heard it and was like what is that mom? UGH!

I was soo glad to arrive home on Sat morning around 10 am. To bad our bodies/time clocks are so messed up. None of us have slept at night since we got home. I am working hard today to keep the girls and myself up and moving so we sleep tonight.

We were glad to go on vacation but so glad to be home as well!

Aloha for now

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