Friday, June 13, 2008

Terrible Threes

You know as a parent you often hear "watch out for the terrible twos" well I have to disagree two is no where near as bad as three! I often tell my friends that they will find out what I mean and they are like don't say that! I would personally rather someone tell me the truth than sugar coat it and lie.

Hailey is oh so three and oh so bad lately! Let's just talk about her latest incident or crime shall I say. Last night the girls were near impossible to get to sleep (if you read earlier entries you know why). It was near 2 am when Jessica started crying. Hubby ran to the room since it didn't sound like the normal cry it was the Hurt cry. You know as a parent you can tell the difference.

So I go in after coming out of the potty and walked in to see blood gushing out of Jessica's nose on both sides, blood in her mouth, blood all over her legs, bed and clothes. Not something you really want to see at 2 am. I asked what happened and apparently Hailey threw a book at Jessica. Now Jessica was laying in bed trying to go to sleep when Hailey chunked the book. Hubby said he heard something hit the wall (which made he get up) but then he heard the crying. So either the book hit the wall and then Jess or it hit Jess and she hit the wall trying to get up.

Either way it took quite some time to get the bleeding stopped and to see if she had knocked her tooth out (very loose anyways). We deducted the blood was from her nose and thankfully she didn't have a serious problem last night. We were able to get the bleeding to stop, applied an ice pack and off to bed. I was worried she would wake up with a black eye or swollen nose but all seems well. She did say it hurt today but nothing so bad she couldn't function as normal.

So you see three is bad, they know things are wrong and still do it. I just hope this phase ends soon, as Jessica didn't go thru it so I am at a loss on what to do.

Here's hoping to a less eventful night!

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