Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Brother 10

The addiction starts! I can say though I am not nearly addicted er I mean intensely watching like some people lol since I don't actually subscribe to the live feeds. Doesn't mean I don't read up on them though LOL

Last night was the premiere of this season and yes I was glued to the tv screen waiting to see this years players (though I had already read up on them being the BB fan I am lol). Without seeing the show my favs from the profiles were Jerry and Libra and still are. They seem the most real without being all fake and young like 98% of the house LOL

I do not like Renny though for some reason I thought her name was Remmy LOL oops she's a little to self righteous for me right now. Maybe she'll grow on me like Evil Dick did in Season 8. I wouldn't be upset though if she went home because she just rubs me wrong right now.

Anyone else think that Keesha looks a bit like Dani from season 8? Some of the live shots from last night really reminded me of her.

Up for eviction is Renny and Jessie (body builder boy) but gosh he seems like such a wuss! UGH he's got such a baby face and was sure pouting about not sleeping. Somebody better call the WAHHHHBULLANCE! Maybe he can get in touch with WAHHMBER from season 8 too!

Til the next show!

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