Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hair Cuts & Potty Training

That's been the fun of my life the couple of days..ok not really fun but that's the life of a mom! So my oldest daughter has had LONG hair forever now, we try to cut it at the beginning of summer so she doesn't get too hot. Well I didn't get to it this yr since we went to Hawaii as soon as school was over and then just been busy, you know excuse after excuse. That's me. She kept begging to have it done before school starts.... so I finally succumbed to the peer pressure LOL I chopped it off a couple nights ago and it's not barely at her shoulders...sigh... it was almost to her waist, I cut at least 8 or so inches off. I was going to go for 10 to donate but it would have required much much shorter and I wasn't ready for that! She's happy with it though she claims it is not as short as she would like. UM hello you are not quite 8 yet, I think you'll be happy with what you have! Argghh can't wait til the teen yrs!

So on to my youngest, who is now 3.5 yrs and has really not shown to much interest in going potty. Oh sure there are kids who are potty trained at 2.5, some at 3 and so on but I learned with the 1st one not to push or rush them. It only backfires and leaves everyone frustrated! She has gone a couple times here and there in the last few months and we are always sure to praise her for going but no real interest on a daily basis. So yesterday I was getting ready to start dinner and hubby was working with Jess on something on the computer, we hear Hailey saying something from the bathroom. I thought for sure she was just washing her hands, so I am yelling at her what did you say?? "Mom, I am going potty" she says. What??? LOL so I go rushing in there to find her butt naked sitting on the big potty (she even put the insert in!) and she had went potty! I was shocked LOL but of course we did the big girl dance and all that fun stuff. Did she ask to go again last night or tell us??? Nope LOL least I know she's starting to get it, now I look forward to diaper free days!!!


Natalie said...

You are right about not pushing it with the potty. I have 2 boys and one is going on 5 and still has accidents every once in a while...but my almost 2 year old is really showing signs that he is ready to potty train. I just make everything available to him and encourage him but don't get upset when he doesn't 'use the will come in time:)

Ambitious Blonde said...

I know its soo hard to not want to push them, esp for us because I wanted to put young one in MMO a couple days a week but they have to potty trained... so we'll just wait and see! There is always next yr LoL