Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Countdown Begins

For back to school that is! My oldest dd starts back on Aug 6th, yes I know that's early but here in the South we like to do that because what fun is summer vacation. I don't mind it actually, they get 2.5 months of summer vacation, a fall week break, Christmas break which is 2 weeks and spring break week. Seems like plenty of time for me to be off and driving the parents crazy!

So here it is the middle of July and still no school supply list has been published for my dd's school. Ok sure I could go buy some paper, pencils, notebooks etc but they would be the wrong kind, brand, size etc. Why is it that we have to get so particular for name brand things? Shouldn't the schools be worried about teaching the children how to read and write and not worry if the kids have Crayola or Rose Art crayons??

We still have all the school supply shopping today, oh I take that back we have the backpack. Then school clothes but I do not plan to buy any winter items yet, not the way my kids grow and plus its to dang hot to even think about it. It doesn't start to get cool here until Oct and sometimes not til Nov! I just need to buy a few more pair of shorts and some of the usual socks/underwear and a couple pair of shoes and she'll be good.

Only 20 days til school starts!

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