Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Time! Potty Time! Excellent!

Well over the last week the little one has been telling us she needed to go potty and almost every single time she sits she goes! Not just peeing either! WHOOHOOOO how bad is it to get excited over peeing and pooping?? LOL if you have kids you know all to well that it is Exciting! No bribes yet either, no candy for going, no toys etc. She's so cute, she'll say I gotta go potty and run to the bathroom and wait on you to get the little potty seat ready and she says "ok you go away now'. Privacy already?? lol so I tell her to call me when she's done and she does and as soon as she goes she yells "Mommy I am doing it!" hehe to cute.

Now if we weren't trying to get our house on the market in the next week I would totally go full force with her...but I can't be cleaning up accidents all day long right now! Sooo hopefully the house will sell fast and we get to move soon!

So we will continue to ask her to go and let her go and hopefully soon be diaper free! I am counting the down the days!


Natalie said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! Our little Jacob which will be 2 on August 9th is starting to potty on the big potty:) Just this past week as well! Then we will only have one more kid is diapers!!!

Ambitious Blonde said...

It's great isn't it, that feeling of We are ALMOST there lol granted we only buy diapers maybe once every 2 weeks (we buy a big box) but that's an extra $40 or $50 a month savings! That's a tank of gas these days lol